Nothing gets your message across more succinctly and to more people than video.

I’m an artist/designer with over 20 years experience, 15 of those in video and motion graphics, plus a lifetime of writing and producing music.  I love working with people to unlock the creative potential in their ideas and deliver what their business or project needs.  Whether you need to promote, inform, entertain or all of these, I will find a solution to suit your budget and deadline.

clients including:



  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics & Animation
  • Music & Audio Production
  • Brand Design
  • Print & Digital Design
  • Creative Consultation

For more information:

Please view my showreel and take a look at my CV.  If you’d like to know more or view my work in more depth,  feel free to get in touch.  You can contact me via LinkedIn or by simply emailing me and I will reply as soon as possible.  info@lozjones.com

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